Suicide: My Thoughts Essay

Published: 2021-07-12 15:55:05
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I have known many adolescents who have thought about suicide. People’s reasons for suicide just cannot be legit in most cases. Some reasons are: “my girlfriend broke up with me” or “people make fun of me” or how about “I don’t have any friends?” Whatever the reason for the thought of suicide, there isn’t a valid one, unless we are dealing in euthanasia.
People usually think suicide is the best and only solution to an insignificant problem. They do not think about the consequences or the people they may hurt in the process. So what if you total your car, or if some people don’t like you and you aren’t the most beautiful and popular person there is. It all matters on what you think about yourself.
One might think: well how would he know how these people feel? I know because I too thought about suicide at one point in my life. But after evaluating the situation and putting some thought into how I not only would be creating the biggest sin there is, but how I will hurt my family and the ones who love me. I came to grips with reality and realized there are much better things in life than to sit and sulk about stupid, insignificant problems that occurred in my day. So what? That’s life.
Suicide is not a solution to any problem. It only makes things worse and more complicated. Depressed people are not the only ones to commit suicide. A person who could seem to be the happiest, most outgoing person you know could kill themselves and you would never be able to figure out why. People just sporadically think that suicide is the best alternative and that it is the end all be all solution to all their problems. But what they don’t think about is that they won’t have anymore problems because they will be dead.
Overall I think suicide is pointless and most people will agree that it is the worst possible solution to any problem. There is no excuse whatsoever to take your own life. Any person should be thankful for what they have, they may not have all the money in the world or be the best looking person ever, but even the people who seem to have everything one could want, may not have happiness.

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