Does Music Affect the Growth of Plants? Essay

Published: 2021-07-09 03:45:05
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Question Does music affect the growth of plants? Hypothesis If the frequency of sound increased, then the growth of plants will increase. Classical music tends to be of higher frequency I believe that classical music will increase the growth of plants Materials 9 bean seeds mammal of distilled water One meter stick One clock 3 flower boxes Fluorescence light bulbs Music players Sound-proofing materials Procedure 1 . Measure 13605 grams of soil by measuring the weight of each plant in pounds, and converting it into grams. 2.
Place the soil in the flower box, and mix with hands, and flatten the top of the soil. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 twice. 4. Poke three 3 CM holes in each box with finger. 5. Place a bean seed in each hole. 6. Cover each hole with soil. 7. Place the three boxes on a table. 8. Place sound-proofing materials in between each Does Music Affect the Growth of Plants? By Allocate 9. Put a music player playing rock music towards one of the boxes. 10. Put another music player playing classical music towards a different box. 11. Play 12 hours of music each day for the certain boxes of bean plants. 12.
Put light bulbs in the sockets, hanging over the plants. 13. Provide 12 hours of light each day for the plants. 14. Give each seed mall of water each day. 15. Measure the growth of plants every 2 days 16. Record any other aberrations. Experiment Setup Experimental Groups Rock Music No Music Classical Music Observations No steady growth patterns recorded. No music plants grew to be 40. 5 CM tall. Classical music plants grew to be 36. 1 CM tall. Rock music plants grew to be 40. 8 CM tall. The rock music plants leaned over to get more light. Trial 2 in rock music experiment didn’t grow at all.
There was a cut in the stem of trial one in the classical group. My hypothesis was incorrect If anything, the sound waves disturb the bundle sheath cells in the plants The sound frequency was increased, and the classical music group grew the shortest This confuses them and throws them off guard If this were to be true though, then the rock music group wouldn’t have grown up to be the tallest Conclusions The only explanation left would be human error Light distribution might have been off if the plants on the far ends were lean towards it Volume level wasn’t even Sound-proofing wasn’t strong

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