Adventure and Delight – My Big Thrill Essay

Published: 2021-07-12 16:50:05
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Life is full of surprises. Often, those wonders arise at times when we didn’t expect it. And when it occurs, we are overwhelmed. There are instances, chances, and even periods that these events just poop—out of nowhere, but the outcome is somewhat stunning. Perhaps, this is what had happen to me. It’s just a normal day; Sun is shining brightly, sky was as blue as the other day. And then, Voila! I received a text message, “Congratulations! ” that was the first line of the message, and my curiosity lifted: I continued reading – “We acknowledge your application for the SMART BRO – WILL and WIN CHALLENGE, 50,000 POINTS for a Million!
Whew, I was in the state of amazement at that time. Just imagine, a hundred thousand applicants and I was chosen as one of the fifty final contenders, whoosh! I was very happy at that moment. I now have a chance to win a million! Then I continued, “As part of the competition, you must send us your latest billing statement for your subscription. We had checked that your points as of today are at 38,682 smart points. Please be reminded that the last submission is due to three weeks after receiving this message. Thank you! ” that was the rest of the message, and it left me hanging.
I think it has to do with the message or I just don’t understand the message completely. I want to laugh at myself though. For the second time, I read it again. Now I understand. I understand that, though reading that message was an awesome experience, I cannot win that million coz’, I don’t have enough points and at the same time, I won’t be able to make that enough points in due time, so much for the thrill. I don’t know if I’ll be happy, for I received that message or I’ll be annoyed and frustrated because I can’t win that race.
But, I choose to be happy. The last thing I know, I had already forgotten about it, until now. And then a memory reminisced in my mind. It was one of our summer escapades. And this time, we choose to go to Boracay—local version of course. As of now we still can’t afford to go to the “real” Boracay. So much for the chitchat, we come back to my story. During our trip to Caramoan Islands we encountered, met, bump into, and come across a lot of many faces and beaches of course.
But the most thrilling site was the thirty meter drop called—I forgot what it’s called. I had a chance to experience that breathtaking tourist spot. They say that the jump from the tip of that board will make your heart stop for a moment; well by just imagining what the tour guide said makes my heart stop for a moment. What if I jump from that cliff or board as they call it, what will be my reaction? Just imagine that! I just can’t stop my feet from walking towards the jump site.
I can see many enthusiasts jumping in and out to the very salty Caramoan sea water. Even my elder cousin runs towards the cliff and absolutely jumps into the water. Swoosh—splash! He plunged into it. He yelled at me. “hoyyy!!! Tumalon ka na dyan! ang saya—enjoy ka dito sa baba, daming chicks—woohooo! ” That was his lines, and to my surprise I also run and jumped and plunged into the sea. That was the very first time I have done it. I feel my heart pounding very fast before I leap, but after a moment, it’s like—it suddenly stopped.
That experience was the best. I think I can fly at that very least moment. The feeling is very incredible; I cannot describe it in a thousand words. We had fun all day long, we jump and plunged repeatedly into the water, and as we do it the excitement grows intense. But as all summer outings do, it has to end. Ending the best thrilling experience is not what I’d like to do but, as most of the stories, it has to end. Maybe, thrills are the best part of our lives. If we encountered one, live the most of it. Like I said before, life is full of surprises.

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